5 Instagram Hashtag Hacks for 2018

Yesterday we introduced Nilgiri Social to the podcast world and we've decided to talk about Marketing and Advertising. 

Today we're talking about the 5 Instagram Hashtag Hacks.  

These hacks are for individuals and businesses who want to grow their Instagram quickly. We've been executing this same strategy daily for our clients and we're able to grow around 400 – 600 followers monthly. I'm not going to ask you to download any third party app or use a SaaS tool to growth hack your Instagram.

Let's get started! 

  1. The 10/10/10 Hashtag Strategy

    Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to your photos or video, so make use of all 30 hashtags. But here's the trick when you're using those hashtags.

    Use 10 Smaller, 10 Mid-sized and 10 Large Hashtags.
    Smaller hashtags contain 10k – 50k posts,
    Mid-Sized hashtags contain 50k – 200k posts, and
    Large hashtags contain 200k – 1m posts.

    This will allow your post to be in competition for top 9 posts for different sizes of hashtags.  

  2. The "First Hour"

    The second hack is about the first hour after posting on Instagram. The first hour is very important after you post on Instagram.

    A post that gets 100 likes in the first 10 minutes will have a better shot at landing on the explore page as compared to a post which gets 100 likes in 2 hours.

    You might be wondering how to get those 100 likes fast in first 10 mins? Right? Check out the #3 and #4 hack and you'll know. 

  3. Engaging with hashtags via liking posts.

    Once you have posted on Instagram and added 30 hashtags, go to any 1 hashtag and you'll see the top 9 posts as well as the recent posts in that hashtag. Just hit like on the 3 to 5 most recent photos. Those people will like back your most recent photo too.

    Do the same for all 30 hashtags and wait for magic to happen.

  4. Engaging with hashtags via commenting on photos

    Do the same what you did in #3, just instead of liking on photos, leave a comment. A relevant and appropriate comment. A comment which will make the user believe that you're a human and not a bot.

    Once the user gets a notification that someone with username @MrMarketingGenius have commented on your photo, he's going to want to check your profile. And once he does visit your profile, and likes your content, he's going to want to follow you and like your photos. 

  5. Follow Hashtags

    Instagram just added a feature which allows you to follow hashtags. You don't want to miss out this game of following the hashtags which are relevant to your content.

    The posts from the hashtags you follow are shown in your timeline, which means that you see posts in your timeline from accounts you're not even following.

    Similarly, your photos are shown to accounts who are not following you. This gives you a chance to impress them with your content. This is your golden ticket. If they see your post and like it, they'll visit your profile, and if they like your profile, they'll follow you.

Let us know your results. We'll be happy to hear how this strategy is working out for you. 

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