About Us

Nilgiri Social is an attention shop that helps brands get the attention of their customers on Social Media. We do it based on the insights that benefit your business.

We know how valuable it is to grow your business, as we are growing up too.

We are a group of youngsters who are marching towards creating a better community.

Enough said, Let’s Create Awesomeness!


Mohit Ghate

The Thoughtbox

I use my psycographic understanding of media platforms to create ideal strategies for businesses.

Nihar Kolapkar

The Creative Think Tank

From a clueless MBA pass out and now exploring creativity levels. Lame sarcasm statements would be noticed while interacting in person.

Nahush Gulawani

The Wolf of Finance

I am a CA student turned into a Marketer. I get clients for Nilgiri Social. Born to sell.

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