Augmenting the reality of a fashion show!

Eventique by Reema Arora is a fashion brand based out of Delhi, India. 

They conduct at least 4 fashion shows every year.

This year, however, Eventique approached Nilgiri Social with the motive of creating an immersive experience for their attendees, and we helped them with just that! 

             We noticed that the attendees were clicking several pictures and were posting them on social media. However, after a while, these pictures would be forgotten due to the lack of branding on them.

             The thought was to tackle the problem at its root and put branding on photos clicked by the attendees before they even clicked them! 

             The best way to do this was by creating augmented reality lenses for “Eventique by Reema Arora” for every fashion show.

             Snapchat (and soon Instagram) allows brands the unique opportunity to go beyond “Stumbling across content” in a timeline. On snapchat, users select the content they want to watch, which translates to higher intent of viewership.

             These lenses would be unlocked using snap codes placed all around the venue. When people opened their snapchat camera to click photos, they would see these lenses pre-loaded. 

  1.  816 attendees scanned the code 
  2.  67% attendees engaged with the lens 
  3.  549 pictures posted 
  4.  72,000+ high intent brand impressions 

Try it!

We don't want you to just read and forget stuff!

Try out the lens for yourself!

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Point your camera towards the screen
  3. Tap and hold

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