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Why Choose Nilgiri Social?

Nilgiri Social, since its inception, has been working on redefining the way brands think about marketing.

Our philosophy "Think like a consumer"

is simple, but not easy.

Using our aesthetic yet relevant creative capabilities, precise and informed media buying, and contextual strategic thinking, we are able to get unbelievable results for our clients.

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Our Services

Strategic Planning

Our strategists will help you create some of the best marketing plans, campaigns and strategies that suit your brand perfectly...

Creative Execution

The creative execution team will then bring those to life by adding their magic of colors, fonts, and some secret sauce...

Latest Tech

Finally, the tech team will execute the marketing plans with surgical precision and give you the results you've been waiting for!


Clients Served


People Reached

₹2 Cr.+

Revenue Generated*

Still not convinced? Okay! Here are some

Case Studies

Using Snapchat to create a buzz...

How we helped a group of fans of Salman Khan

get immense exposure by being innovative

Activating micro-influencers to increase local brand awareness...

How we helped a sustainable online clothing label increase its awareness by tapping into the hearts of Indians utilizing micro-influencers.

Our Clients

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Contact Details

+91 98508-91950

+91 86982-65416

Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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